Power Perfect Pore System



Power Perfect Pore System


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Power Perfect Pore System

Power Perfect Pore with mist function maintains clean, healthy and radiant looking skin without embarrassing blackheads or whiteheads. Its deep penetrating suction cleanses below the surface to effectively help prevent breakouts. No more squeezing, pulling or injuring your skin.Power Perfect Pore Treatment Set includes:

  • Face Care System Main Unit 4 interchangeable heads:
    – : use it for exfoliating treatment with peeling products and then follow with pore cleansing.
    – : use it to clean your face with cleanser
    – : use it to remove the blackhead or whiteheads.
    – : use it with cream or moisturizer for gentle massage and better absorption.
  • Holding Stand

*Caution: Do not use over infected or inflamed areas or skin eruption.

how to use it
Please read the instructions carefully in advance.

Battery installation:

  1. The battery compartment is at the bottom of the main unit. Just follow the marking in the unit to “turn to open”.
  2. Place 2 AA batteries (not included in packing) into the compartment. Make sure that the direction follows the polarity engraved on the edge of the compartment.
  3. Then close the cover with the main unit and make sure that the arrow points (at the back of unit) match.

Water Filling for mist function:

  1. Remove the rubber cap at the back unit and fill water into the container.
  2. Close the cap, then you can press the mist button (square button). No interchangeable head is need for mist function.

For best result, please use the device after bath or washing face with warm towel. Choose a suitable head. Then plug it into the main unit. Make sure it is firmly locked.

  • : apply peeling products to face. Turn on the device and apply the head to skin in a continuous gentle motion. Then rinse thoroughly. : apply cleanser to face. Switch on the unit and apply the head to skin in a continuous gentle motion. Then rinse thoroughly.
  • : put the suction cup on problematic area of face. Switch on the unit and blackheads are automatically removed within 10 seconds.*Caution: Do not keep steady on any one area over 10 seconds.
  • : apply cream or moisturizer to face. Switch on the unit and apply the head to skin in a continuous gentle motion.

Cleaning Procedure:

  1. Wash the head into the water. (*Caution: Only the interchangeable heads can be washed in water. Please clean the main unit with dry cloth or tissue paper.)
  2. Brush off the dirt with a toothbrush.
  3. Dry the device the cotton pad or tissue paper.
  4. Clean the device from time to time.



Power Perfect Pore System


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